Tips to Get the Perfect Shot

3b3048ee63f701cbb965edb7ca3d7833One of the greatest joys of photography lies in the way it can be used for different purposes by different people. While some use it as an artistic medium, by producing abstract images while others use photography to create detailed and accurate representations of real life. I am always amazed at the superbly shot wildlife photos or close up photos that appear in National Geographic or Nature magazine. These photographs never fail to fascinated me and leave me wondering how much effort and skill is needed for that one elusive shot. Recently, I happened to meet a good friend of mine who gave me the low-down about such photographs. These shots are taken by a technique known as macro photography.

What is Macro Photography?
The word macro means ‘large’, or ‘of great size’. In photographic terms, it can be called a type of close-up photography that normally tries to produce images on a 1:1 ratio. In other words it tries to create images that are of the same size as the objects or subjects they represent. These techniques are popularly used

How to Winning Photography Contests

2015-11-25-photography-contest-2The best part of competing in a photography contest is not only winning a prize, but getting a great platform to display your creativity. You have to prove how good you are with your work, before you can get some recognition and become a professional.

A winning entry in a photography contest is usually selected by a panel of judges based on various criteria. One of major criteria that a judge will look for in your photograph is the visual impact that it can make. The image should be such that it should demand attention. A fresh and imaginative approach to the image is as important as the style. In a contest, the judges will also evaluate the technical competence with which the photograph was taken, some of the areas of technical expertise being correct exposure, composition, contrast, and clarity. Lastly, to enhance the chances of you winning, ensure that the photographs you submit are printed in the highest quality.

Some of the categories that are generally available in free photography contests are as follows:

  • Animals
  • People, Baby or Child
  • Creative, Artistic

how to choose a good wedding photographer

wedding-photographerFor every couple wedding is one of the most memorable occasion and so they want everything associated with it to be the best and special. And when everything is so special, you want the best photographers capturing the beautiful day. Wedding album is a sign of remembrance of the special and so many couple have different dreams about having the most special wedding album. Now for getting this, you need to consider a few things before you choose or hire a wedding photographer.

This is because not all photographers can create magic with their camera. There are many photographers available these days, but one should be careful when choosing the Best Wedding Photographers in Midlands. The first thing that you should look for in the photographers is the experience that he or she has in the field of wedding photography. The nest consideration should be on the fact that if the photographer is a professional or just does it for fun. You might surely need a professional at your wedding, so that there is no risk. Then you need

Tips for Capturing the Golden Hour

When Is The Golden Hour?
The golden hour is the first and last hour of sunlight in a day. Check the sunrise and sunset times in your city to make the best of the precious hour.
Golden light photography is like being dealt a pair of aces in a game of Texas hold ’em. It’s a great hand, but you still have to raise the stakes to rake in some real moolah, you have to be careful not to go overboard with your bets and mess it up, and the five community cards can still mess up the hand of your life.

The golden hour is (approximately) an hour after sunrise and before sunset, and this time can vary from region to region. The light during this period is ideal for amateur photography, and a very helpful natural aid for the pros.

Photography is all about light and the best ways to manipulate it. In a studio setting the photographer is in full control of the lighting, and can determine just how ‘fresh’ the latest aspiring model would look. Nature, on the other hand, is a fickle mistress, and your best-laid plans can be ruined by the slightest of showers

How to Seize Your Special Moments

Birthdays – no matter how old you grow, you never grow out of them! My Dad will turn 66 this year, and me and Mom still buy him a birthday present and make him a nice birthday lunch, and we still go out for dinner and cut a birthday cake, complete with singing ‘Happy Birthday To You’! Yes we do it, and you know what? It feels great. Boo the people who think you cannot or should not celebrate your birthday just because you are now old. It is nice to say “It’s my life”; but none of us ever really live for ourselves. We don’t do everything we do only for ourselves – even the smallest of selfish deeds has a hint of selflessness, if only you look deep enough. But your birthday is YOUR birthday. It is the one single day in your life when everybody wants to talk to you, everybody wants to be with you. It is indeed a special occasion, and it comes around only once a year. So why not click a few pictures and create memories on your special day?
A birthday is the perfect kind of occasion that begs you

Tips No One Ever Told You

There are many aspects of photography, such as portrait photography, aerial photography, wedding photography, and some other types. However, the most sought-after area in the photography field is in the fashion world. To get into the fashion industry as a photographer, you compulsorily need to consider some fundamental fashion photography tips.

Fashion Photography

In our daily lives, we read newspapers and go through many magazines, which have models flaunting their products. But have you ever thought what makes the photos so vibrant and attractive to look at? It is the contribution of fashion photographers who capture the pictures. These photographers are professionals in their field, and have a good knowledge of photography along with a sense of the color, style, lighting, etc. They use all their expertise to come up with such great and adorable pictures of the advertising models.

Becoming a Fashion Photographer

If you want to enter into the fashion world as a photographer, you most importantly need to have the right equipment and have to self-practice a lot to get the basics right. The first step is to invest in a good piece of digital SLR, which is known for capturing and producing quality photos. You also need to

Group Photography Tips

Not everyone is familiar with the latest photography techniques, and when you add high-end digital cameras in the mix, you can expect issues to arise. And who says that you need to be an expert like Martin Klimas, Nigel Barker, Jill Greenberg, or any other famous photographer to take beautiful pictures. You can just as well be an amateur and still get the best pictures possible. How, you ask? The first step to taking workable pictures is by understanding your camera. Whether your camera is the latest model with innumerable features or is an older model from few years, you have to familiarize yourself with it.

Taking group photographs isn’t different than taking portrait, still, or landscape photographs. Regardless of the number of people, you can capture images that are natural, pleasant, and elegant. In this article, we are going to give you some tips for indoor and outdoor photography that will enhance the images tenfold.

Tips for Indoor and Outdoor Photography

Imagine that you and your family (or friends) are gathered for a special occasion and you wish to capture this moment forever. You grab the camera and start clicking pictures. But somewhere down the line, the light is too

Explore Your Passion for Night Photography With Simple Techniques

Night photography can be a bit challenging because of the less amount of light that is available to us; therefore, one often faces the problem of the picture containing a lot of noise. With some effective settings and the right equipment, one can get to do some amazing photography at night.

Here is a beginner’s guide to photography with techniques for shooting night subjects such as the moon, fireworks, traffic lines, and night landscapes.

How to Shoot the Moon
For this technique, you will need at least 300 mm zoom lens.

  • Secure the SLR on a tripod, on a wide base.
  • Use these manual settings on the SLR: ISO 100, aperture at f/9, exposure at -5 or less and vivid picture quality.
  • Keep the sharpness at a max and the white balance on automatic.
  • Switch on the self-timer for 10 seconds.
  • Never shoot without a tripod as you might end up blurring the picture.
  • Zoom out the lens to its full capacity.
  • Start shooting using auto focus initially, and later experiment with manual focusing. You can also experiment with the setting at maximum focal length.
  • Take some shots and check how they have turned out.

How to Shoot Fireworks
Techniques for night photography

Tips for Shooting Black and White Photos

Black and white photography is coming back into vogue among photography enthusiasts. When color came into the scene, it resulted in good old black and white photography being less favored. It just seemed so drab and dull when compared to the bursts of color that color photography represented. However, of late, people are beginning to rediscover the intrinsic beauty of black and white photography and the purity and power that these pictures can have. Here are a few tips that should be considered while shooting these photos.

Choosing Your Subject
Irrespective of whether it is a color or a black and white picture, choosing a subject and focusing on it is very important. Needless to say, there is a difference. For example, while some subjects may seem very interesting in color, they often would turn out looking dull and drab in the other version. But then, often a simple scene or a portrait can come out looking quite dramatic in black and white.

When photographing people in black and white, the pictures come out better if they are dressed in simple clothes and solid colors, instead of prints. You can achieve a dramatic and dreamy effect by having as few

Tips for Newbie Wildlife Photographers

Try to come out of the auto-mode and start handling the options found in manual mode like ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc. Read the manual that came along with your camera, and refer to the guidelines to get a good hand on your primary equipment. Once you get to know how to navigate through the manual settings, you’ll be able to customize every shot as per your liking.

If your camera comes with an external attachable lens, it is better to carry a decent zoom lens to maintain a safe distance between you and the subject. A handy waterproof backpack, along with comfortable shoe wear are a must-have for a quiet predatory walk near your subject. A compact lightweight tripod can help in getting the perfect steady shot.

Whenever you are trying to capture any photo, never compromise on the sharpness aspect. An image which is not sharp enough should hit the trash. Try clicking the capture button when you are breathing out for maintaining a more steady hand, if you are taking the shot by hands.

If you want the subject to be still while keeping the background a little blurred, it is advised

Tips to Start Your Career as a Travel Photographer

This will come as a dampener if you’ve been wondering how to get a travel photography job. This happens to be one profession which does not involve a 9-to-5 grind. But then, neither does it hold any promises of a solid paycheck at the end of the month. And yet, there are so many dreamers out there, desperately waiting for that one break which catapults them to stardom. And not just any kind of stardom, but Nat Geo stardom or Smithsonian stardom.

Gee, it even sounds preposterous when it’s put like that. Photography, until recently, was seen as more of an exaggerated hobby, rather than a means of income, unless you were doing weddings or wars. Travel photography, heaven save us, is even more lethal, as one has to pay for his travels, at least in the beginning; with no solid assurance of any returns on the initial investment.

But when it comes to creative passions like photography, returns and investments are tossed out of the picture (pun intended), and the only thing that matters is creative satisfaction. Which is our first point, by the way.

Treat photography as a passion, not a source of income.
Now, there is no way

Photography Lighting Tips

This was just a flashback that I wanted to share with you before going into the depths of photography. Photography in simple words is just – “CLICK the image”, but technically, photography has lots more to offer. Perfect light, angle and time are hallmarks of good photography. Lighting determines the mood of the photograph or the video shot. Right use of light reflects your innate creativity. A video or a picture is alive only through good photography skills.

Photography Tips on Lighting

Appropriate use of light is one of the most important factors that determines the quality of the picture. It can be awesome, spectacular, dramatic or terrific. The camera has an inbuilt light meter that measures how much light is being reflected to the camera. Automatic adjustment of aperture and shutter speed enables the camera to measure the amount of light reflected and thus the clarity of the picture.

Source of Light
The quality of the picture resolved depends upon the source of light. The source can be natural, like the sun or artificial, like constant light sources, strobes and different types of light sources used in studios. The effect of rays of light is very spectacular. A setting sun,

Tips for Blue Hour Photography

The blue hour is a favorite time for many photographers. Though the golden light that precedes it is much more popular, blue light photography is an exciting avenue for photographers. Many photographers pack up when the sun goes down, and remain completely ignorant of the beautiful blue light that follows it.

Blue light has its own set of virtues and difficulties – the least of which is actually being able to use the tiny window of the misguided term, blue ‘hour’. The dominant hues in the blue hour are actually purples, steely grays and magentas. Also, the ‘hour’ usually lasts for less than half that, and more often than not even less than that.

The key to capturing great blue hour photographs is, more than anything else, knowing what to frame. Unlike the golden light during sunsets, which makes everything look prettier, blue light is not so generous and benevolent. Silhouettes are tricky to capture in blue light without an artificial light source, since not much is discernible against the advancing wall of black in the background. Buildings with their own lighting, such as cityscapes, churches, and factories, are the subjects to concentrate on while shooting in the blue hour.

Make Your Special Day Alive

In order to capture the amazing moments of the life or specific occasion, you can hire professional photographer that help you to preserve your precious memories for a long time. Clicking photo is not a cup of tea for everyone. You will need a knowledge about the light, camera, pose action and experience as well. So, you can contact the best professional that makes your event alive on your memories. They understand the importance and value of your special events. Hence, they strive to capture all sorts all moments that has the beautiful part of your day.

However, finding the best photographer is not an easy task, if you will not opt a reliable source. Moreover, you can explore your search through the online browsing to find the best company. Here is one of the best Photography company located in Calgary Alberta having over 10 years of experience photographing the most beautiful moments of people’s lives. The company is associated with highly qualified and experienced professionals who have great years of experience in this area. They specialized in offering a great package, such as :-

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Portrait Photography Services

Whenever you book a Maui portrait photography service, you’ll need to make sure that certain things are provided by the photographer. And you cannot simply take the photographer’s word for it; you’ll need to do a bit of digging and make sure that the services will be worth the price you’re paying and that you’ll benefit from a great product in the end. There are a few things to take into consideration, ranging from customer reviews to the availability and contents of a portfolio provided by the photographer.

Customer Reviews

The main thing you’ll need to keep an eye out for is customer reviews. Any Maui portrait photography service relied heavily on its customer base and if the photographer cannot satisfy them and provide them with good end-results, then the reviews will be mostly negative. Search for a photographer who has made lots of people looking for good portraits happy. Portrait photography is a kind of photo session which relies on exposing and focusing on the person or group of people who want their picture taken. It’s very common at weddings where the newlyweds are featured in most photos, along with their

Take Virtual Tour Photographer Services To Make Your Business

Photography is not a new art, it is there since decades now. But it has evolved to a completely different medium than that it used to be in past. Photography is a technology, where live moments are captured in a portrait on a piece of paper. But now photographs are not limited to paper work only, they have developed and become advanced to a great extent. After technology has progressed so much, photography is serving multiple purposes at present. In earlier days, photography used to be just a way to secure your memories and keep them alive for years in form of photographs. These days there are so many options available in photography that make it an effective choice for business marketing. Yes, photography is a great medium of marketing and is being adopted by many industries to communicate their business verticals in a better manner.

Photography has been commercialized and categorized in various forms. Some common types of photography art Fashion Photography, Wildlife Photography, Nature Photography, and Food Photography and so on. Some industries like fashion and entertainment are majorly dependent upon photography. As competition is increasing exponentially in the field of marketing, sustaining

Product Photography Services For Fashion Designers

No doubt in the fact that now the industry of publishing went through a massive change and made the presence of product photography services even more valuable.

The world of online shopping is now in the craze, and so almost all online outlets are in need of product images for the quick attraction of the potential customers. Excellent quality Product Photography can give a new boost to the online stores making it an instant hit in the mind of the people.

Product photographers are open for work with businesses of any sizes. Their main motto is to showcase the product of the company with appealing imaginary. The expert photographers in this category conduct shoot for apparel, accessories, furniture, home wares, industrial and hardware product, packaging and what not.

Be it any product these photographers can make it stand unique in the competitive era. Here are a few important facts about the photography service that helps one to know about its importance.

What’s the secret behind the hiring of a Product Photographer?

The question is very tricky. As most of us know the minimal application of camera then why don’t we get the photographs

Best Photographers for Your Wedding

Weddings are special for individuals and it is surely one of the most important days in the life of a person. And in this special day everything should be perfect. From band, to food to venue, to dress, and of course photographers. Pictures or photographs remain with us throughout our life and so the responsibility of clicking your precious wedding should be given to a responsible yet talented hand. You cannot just have any person who knows to hold the cameras to click you wedding pictures. You want to cherish these picture which are memories. And so they have to be the best.

There are many good and professional photographers available these days such as the Wedding Photography Services who can deliver to you the best of your wedding pictures. They will be able to capture the essence of the wedding naturally and then combine it with their talent and experience to make the pictures and the photo albums look magical in its own way. Many photographers treat the bride and the groom as a model which makes them nervous and uncomfortable, making the pictures look bad. But a professional wedding photographer will make you comfortable and will

Enjoy Top Class Wedding Photography and See the Difference

A wedding is the most important turning point of any one’s life.  This occasion brings a thrill, romance and excitement into the life of girls and boys.  In order to commemorate your wedding at a later stage you need to have some photography of the day, it is the only way.  There are a large number of wedding photographers available in Cheshire and these professionals are able to deal with every type of wedding ceremony.  It has been experienced that actual circumstances in many wedding ceremonies can sometimes be beyond our imaginations and many times the conditions are different.  In such a scenario, most people are not able to deal with the photography issues involved as family members are normally involved in other processes of the wedding too.

This process can only be handled well by a good Wedding Photographer as they know how to tackle all sorts of situations.  These professional people are associated with photography work only and don’t need to be involved in any other functions – they can just concentrate on getting amazing pictures for you.  Various companies are available in Cheshire, who aim to provide professional coverage for wedding ceremonies.  The service charges of these